There are only 19 days left in our fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The funding goal is not a huge one... but it is very necessary and greatly anticipated.
This campaign is where the money to get all of the finishing touches together will come from.
If you can, please help spread the word. Any size pledge (every $5 pledge actually is a big help!) is welcomed with our deepest gratitude. Plus, you get rewards for each tier of pledges.

Check it out here:

Thank you and cheers!
Our wonderful and talented still photographer, Amber Jackson (who just happens to be Ada's mom), shot some great images of our shenanigans while filming the teaser trailer.
Ada and I talk about what her character is doing in this scene.
Ricardo and I shoot a technically challenging slider shot at ground level. Micah twitches and "bleeds," as his legs go numb.
Well, this is a SHORT film after all.
Ada gives me an extreme close-up of a prop starfish, while we admire a real starfish found on-location.
Ada Jackson holds a starfish prop used in her scene.
We filmed the "official" teaser trailer today in Fort Pierce. This blog contains stills from video (or "video-grabs")  from various scenes or from the "in-between" moments.

Micah Bolen, after the scene.
One of our prop helmets for the scene. Twenty minutes before this photo was taken, every part of the prop was brand new.
Short blog entry tonight....really we're just gearing up to shoot the first "real" footage of this project.
Tomorrow we are filming a scene that will be a major part of the official teaser trailer.
If all goes to plan, you'll get your first look at the trailer by Monday.
Strap your helmets on...this'll be one heck of a ride!

Director-Six, Out.