Post-production is moving along, albeit slowly. A few health issues have really dragged me down for the past month or so.
Still, progress is being made.
I've found a very talented and inspired musician to score the film. She and I have been working on the four minutes of completed final film. It's a "test run" to nail down the mood of the scoring.
I've also storyboarded two additional sequences to be filmed in the next couple of weeks. I can't give much away about them, except to say that it'll add a lot to the artistry of the final film.
Most of my "down time" from illness was spent in tightening up the clips I've edited and doing some composite work for the opening scene.
It is my hope to see a completed rough cut of the film by the end of December, so, it can be fully-scored and tested at the start of the new year.
That's about all of the "here's what's going on" I have to share for now.

- Rick