I'm proud to say that our crowd-funding campaign has reached its goal! ...not that there was any doubt.

So, a few behind-the-scenes things going on right now. First, we're in talks with an active duty branch of the military who may provide some equipment for the film! I can't say "who" or "what" yet, but you'll know when I hear a final decision on it.
Also, the script has evolved (a little), once again. These are more additions than changes. I think there were a few minor details that needed to be added to enhance the story and help move it along.

I'll leave you with a few more stills from the teaser trailer filming day.


-Rick, aka "Doughnut Six"

Micah (left) and I look at the jib shot on the beach.
Ricardo (far right) pulls a slow slider shot of a "dying Sgt. Riles."
Ada Jackson (left) and I compare a real starfish to our prop one.
There are only 19 days left in our fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The funding goal is not a huge one... but it is very necessary and greatly anticipated.
This campaign is where the money to get all of the finishing touches together will come from.
If you can, please help spread the word. Any size pledge (every $5 pledge actually is a big help!) is welcomed with our deepest gratitude. Plus, you get rewards for each tier of pledges.

Check it out here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1994564730/tideline-healing-wars-invisible-wounds

Thank you and cheers!
Really busy day here at Tideline HQ. First off, we sent out our official press release to several news organizations here in Florida.
Second, and even more daunting, is the fact that we've begun fundraising via Kickstarter. It works like this: People see projects they are interested in and "pledge" funds (in our case $1 - well....as much as anyone's willing to pledge, really). For the pledge, backers receive rewards.  We have some neat stuff in our rewards tiers...everything from t-shirts to actual props used in the film!
To back the film through Kickstarter is a no-risk proposition. If we reach our goal ($3,000), then money is collected securely through the Kickstarter website/Amazon.com. If we don't reach our goal, no money is collected and we start from scratch.
I've done this successfully for two other films and think it works really well.
The nail-biter part is that we have just over a month to get to our goal.
I think there are enough folks out there who believe in the project and its message, though. We'll do it.
You can help. Check out the project here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1994564730/tideline-a-film-dealing-with-the-invisible-wounds
So, pledge if you'd like to support Tideline...or share the link to our project on Kickstarter. Thank you!