Post-production is moving along, albeit slowly. A few health issues have really dragged me down for the past month or so.
Still, progress is being made.
I've found a very talented and inspired musician to score the film. She and I have been working on the four minutes of completed final film. It's a "test run" to nail down the mood of the scoring.
I've also storyboarded two additional sequences to be filmed in the next couple of weeks. I can't give much away about them, except to say that it'll add a lot to the artistry of the final film.
Most of my "down time" from illness was spent in tightening up the clips I've edited and doing some composite work for the opening scene.
It is my hope to see a completed rough cut of the film by the end of December, so, it can be fully-scored and tested at the start of the new year.
That's about all of the "here's what's going on" I have to share for now.

- Rick

Hi Tideliners!
I bet you thought I'd fallen off the face of the Earth, huh? Well, reports of my demise are somewhat exaggerated.
I'm happy to say that I have not fallen off the face of the planet...but did move 3,400 miles across the United States!
The move from Florida to Washington State has been a huge adjustment but we are now settling in a bit.
"Tideline," for obvious reasons, had to take a little bit of a "backseat," while we prepared to move and then drove cross-country in August. I am now ready to begin the editing process for the film.
This means a lot less video clips will be posted but likely a lot more stills (both screen shots and production stills).
The image posted here is from a video grab of the title sequence that I'm currently working on. It's a bit of compositing "magic" and I'm pretty smitten with how it's turning out.
There'll be more updates very soon... I promise!

- Rick

I'm proud to say that our crowd-funding campaign has reached its goal! ...not that there was any doubt.

So, a few behind-the-scenes things going on right now. First, we're in talks with an active duty branch of the military who may provide some equipment for the film! I can't say "who" or "what" yet, but you'll know when I hear a final decision on it.
Also, the script has evolved (a little), once again. These are more additions than changes. I think there were a few minor details that needed to be added to enhance the story and help move it along.

I'll leave you with a few more stills from the teaser trailer filming day.


-Rick, aka "Doughnut Six"

Micah (left) and I look at the jib shot on the beach.
Ricardo (far right) pulls a slow slider shot of a "dying Sgt. Riles."
Ada Jackson (left) and I compare a real starfish to our prop one.
One of our prop helmets for the scene. Twenty minutes before this photo was taken, every part of the prop was brand new.
Short blog entry tonight....really we're just gearing up to shoot the first "real" footage of this project.
Tomorrow we are filming a scene that will be a major part of the official teaser trailer.
If all goes to plan, you'll get your first look at the trailer by Monday.
Strap your helmets on...this'll be one heck of a ride!

Director-Six, Out.

As exciting as it is to see "Tideline" in the newspaper, I have to admit it's also frightening. Suddenly, I have to face the fact that "it" is out there. It's kind of that point of no return.
Soon after the first print article about the film hit the news stands, a local television news reporter contacted me and said she, too, would like to do a story on "Tideline." I realized then that maybe my main goal, starting THE conversation, really will be the easiest part of this journey.
Since I refer to this blog as: SITREP (military speak for "situation report"), I think a few details about the production need mention. First, we are midway through fundraising via Kickstarter (see the campaign here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1994564730/tideline-a-film-dealing-with-the-invisible-wounds).
I can't say that I feel confident that we'll reach our goal...but I'm hopeful.
Having said that we are prepared to film without those funds if we must. It just means we'll need to be a lot more creative and do more with a lot less.
In other news, we've added to our posse quite a bit. Ricardo Lugo joins us as Lead Camera, Amber Jackson as Stills Photographer, Ada Jackson (Amber's daughter) will play "Starfish Girl" in the film and, of course, we've been working with Gwyn Russel, who provides us with some extraordinary concept art.
There are a few others whose names will pop up here shortly, I'm sure.
Now, we are in the "Do It" phase.
Filming dates are solidifying around the beginning of May and we are 100% ready to go!
So, I'll close tonight with a few goodies. First, a short teaser trailer I put together today. It's really a teaser-teaser trailer, as we have no story footage yet.
The other thing is a completed sketch of the "Nicole" concept art (by Gwyn).