I'm proud to say that our crowd-funding campaign has reached its goal! ...not that there was any doubt.

So, a few behind-the-scenes things going on right now. First, we're in talks with an active duty branch of the military who may provide some equipment for the film! I can't say "who" or "what" yet, but you'll know when I hear a final decision on it.
Also, the script has evolved (a little), once again. These are more additions than changes. I think there were a few minor details that needed to be added to enhance the story and help move it along.

I'll leave you with a few more stills from the teaser trailer filming day.


-Rick, aka "Doughnut Six"

Micah (left) and I look at the jib shot on the beach.
Ricardo (far right) pulls a slow slider shot of a "dying Sgt. Riles."
Ada Jackson (left) and I compare a real starfish to our prop one.

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