What we do not overcome, simply overcomes us."
I think I'll start with the exciting news... Tony DeMil, a veteran television, theater and film actor has joined the cast! Make sure to check out his head shot and bio in the "Cast and Crew" section of the website.
With Helen and Tony adding their collective talents to the production, I have no doubt it'll be a powerhouse.
So, what have we been up to for the past two weeks? Mostly, we've been nailing down details, casting and planning for a few upcoming milestones.
The "biggie" that's popping up right around the corner is fundraising.
We'll be going after $5,000... maybe more. But our goal is to do this film, and do it well, with any budget.
Another big thing for us is the fact that we are ready to go "public."
I'll be crafting our first press release and targeting publications in the region to get the word out about the film.
Building publicity and a following is critical to the success of the film.
My most sincere hope is that by getting the word out, we generate some discussion about the difficult subject matter of the film. Tideline is about the conversation we need to have with our wounded warriors, society and the people in their lives.
It's a personal mission for me. Some of us who volunteered to go into combat came home broken in ways that cannot be readily seen on the outside. There's no missing limbs, no exterior scars...but we are injured...inside.
Tideline is where the conversation starts.
At least...that's what I hope it does.

Take care,
-Rick W.


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