Truly emotional day today.
The scenes filmed today were gut-wrenching and painful, emotionally draining and brutally honest.
Today's scenes tear scars into a viewers soul.
I don't say that presumptuously or lightly. It's hard to watch a soul being laid bare and not to feel - to empathize - with that character.
And, for us, that meant two actors, in the same scene, being ripped open emotionally. It was powerful to watch on-set. It was equally as powerful to watch the dailies on a monitor.
I can admit easily that I write this now with tears in my eyes. Simply visceral, so poignant... so brutally honest.
We ended our filming day in a cemetery. Near the far, back corner of the graveyard were two military monuments, side-by-side.
I read the inscriptions on both, rendered solemn salutes and we filmed there, using the headstones as a backdrop.
I'm not sure what it all meant to the cast and crew. I know they put their hearts and souls into every part of it. It truly does. But, for me, it was a day of bringing out ghosts of fallen friends and carrying them with me through the takes.
I need to put them to rest again. There's nothing constructive about this kind of pain.



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